No matter what the device or what you'd like to do with it, we take great pride in sharing our knowledge with you. We can work through problems together or build on your abilities on any piece of tech you may have. Each is a powerful tool and it is a delight to see you get the most out of all of it. 

What do we mean by "Tutoring" - This is not to be confused with corporate training or manufacturer trained. When we say tutoring it is in a very personal and entirely individual sense.
I feel very strongly that (unless specifically requested) our purpose when we come to help you is not just to rush through and fix problems. We all like to feel a little control in our lives and this carries through to our knowledge of using our technology.

The technology is phenomenal these days and can accomplish so much, but there is certain ways to approach thing to get the results we desire. We like to share our knowledge and help you to help yourselves. If there's anything you would like to learn how to do with your tech, we'd always be delighted to come and show you how. We can run through different teaching processes and establish what works best for you!

Whether it's how to take proper photographs on your mobile phone, how to transfer files, send emails or something more complex, we will always endevour to help!

Most importantly though, we will never try and sell or teach you something that is even out of our reach. If we don't know and can't sensibly find out, we will do our best to direct you to the best alternative in our knowledge. It is important to us that you are getting the best help you can and if we can't provide it, we will tell you.

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