Often proving to be a great challenge to actually do as they're told! We have plenty of experience in sorting out printing problems, as well as the knowledge to help select the right one for you.

Printers - In these days of environmental awareness and saving paper, you may think that printers are a bit of an outdated concept! In some ways I'd agree, but there's still a lot to be said about the tactility of holding a printed document in your hand, as well as the fact a piece of paper will never crash much like almost any electronic device! This is where printing comes in.

Different types of printer - Generally there's 2 main types of printer I'd like to talk about, Inkjet and Laser.

Each has it's positives and negatives, inkjets are generally more compact, cheaper to buy and refill, well suited to smaller capacity printing. Laser printers are generally larger, heavier more costly to purchase and refill BUT tend to have a lower cost per page (Many more prints per cartridge). Laser printers are also usually much happier printing large quantities compared to their inkjet equivalent.

The right printer for you depends on your usage and budget and we will always be pleased to offer advice.

Troubleshooting - Printers hate to be left sitting around not being used, they often require some strong encouragement to get going again after any period of inactivity - much like a teenager anytime before midday.....!

With the latest offerings from manufacturers being filled to the brim with all sorts of exciting functionality, it really never has been easier to print from any device or scan in a document on something no larger than a shoe box! With all of this functionality it can lead to a more complicated setup and many more checkpoints for diagnosis. We are very experienced in working with printers and can help get things running tip-top again as soon as possible.

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