Audio Visual Systems

Everybody can appreciate watching a good film with great sound and a mind blowing picture. Or listening to a musical masterpiece and hearing each note perfectly reproduced as the artist intended. As a particular passion of mine and a qualification in Sound Engineering I'm always delighted to help you get the best out of your favourite films and music. 

AV advice from an IT guy? - AV systems are actually a huge passion of mine, I've spent years learning about them and developing my own personal system at home. I also have qualifications in the field and have spent a considerable proportion of my career as a technician in a commercial theatre and cinema!


Whether you need just something to help boost the poor audio on your TV or fancy setting up a high end home cinema system for watching films at their best, we can offer advice and look at the options with you. It really makes the world of difference and you wont be able to go back from a decent system.

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